The Background Color Of An Instagram Story

As a matter of fact, all people who use Instagram application want to share stories and post. An one of the great features that Instagram has is its story. Instagram users can share photos, videos, and any other media as their stories. Some users care about the background color of Instagram story. For example, they may want to choose a color according to the story that they want to share it. Fortunately, you can customize your Instagram story in a number of different ways. Such as alerting the color of your background. And you can change it easily. In this article, we have prepared some useful information about how to change background color of Instagram story. So we suggest you to continue reading and get useful information.

The Background Color Of An Instagram Story

Instagram Story Backgrounds

Well, depending on the type of the post that you want to share, you can create Instagram stories and a solid background with or without photos, and also using pre-made backgrounds or designs.

How Can I Change The Background Color Of An Instagram Story?

To change the background color of an Instagram story, follow these steps. At first, you need to choose a photo. It could be another story that you were tagged in or even a photo that you want to upload it. Then, on the post’s draft screen, you must place two fingers on the story image and next, you should move them in a pinching motion to make your photo smaller. After that, at the top of the draft screen of your story, click on the scribble icon to the left of the text icon. Afterwards tap on the pen icon before choosing the color you want for your background to create a solid background. To save changes tap on check icon.

The Background Color Of An Instagram Story

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