10 Newest Telegram Features Top Telegram Features

Newest Telegram Features  include profile customization tools, translation of the entire chat, emoji categories, and many others. Together, we will examine ten of these features

1. Tool creating profile picture

One of the most attractive new features of Telegram is the tool for creating a profile picture. This tool allows users to create custom profile pictures using a variety of templates and tags. By using this feature, users can change their profile picture in a creative and unique way, and this makes their profiles look more attractive and special.

2. Translation of the whole chat in telegram features

One of the important features provided in the new Telegram update is the ability to translate the entire chat. This feature allows users to communicate with people around the world without delay and without worrying about language barriers. Using an advanced machine learning system, Telegram can automatically translate chat texts and display them to users.

This feature is very useful and efficient for people who are active in international interactions and chat with non-native speakers.

3. Convert audio to text

The ability to convert voice to text, which has been active for premium users until today, is now available for normal users. With the difference that normal users can only use this feature once every 2 weeks. Earlier, Telegram enabled the story feature that was only for premium users, for other users

4. Finding favorite channels

Another feature that is included in the new update is that a section called similar public channels has been added to public channels, where users can find channels similar to their favorite channels from among millions of channels.

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5. Access to statistics of channels

The new update gives this option to channel creators to have accurate statistics about their story. It provides data about views, shares and reactions, and other valuable information about your content and how the content is performing.

6. Video messages in stories

When uploading a story, you can add a video message to it and provide explanations. Video messages can be easily resized and moved across the screen, as well as scrolling along the timeline.

7. Finding close people

Finding people close to you is one of the new features of Telegram that people can easily use. By using this feature, you can find groups and people near you who use these messengers and communicate with them.

After you update your Telegram to the latest version, you can go to the hamburger menu and click on add people nearby.

Of course, you must have turned on your location first to enable this feature

8. Customize the preview of links in the new telegram update

In the new update, Telegram has provided the ability to customize the links that you send to other users. You can use this feature to change the size of the preview and determine whether your message will appear below the preview or above it.
In addition to the above, if you have several links to send in a message, can you choose which of these links will be shown in preview? Also, in this new update, in order to open a link, you don’t need to click on its address (URL) and you can touch any part of the preview of the link to open the link for you.

9. The unveiling of more powerful robots

In an effort to improve the users’ experience, Telegram has introduced more powerful bots. These bots provide users with more features and provide various features such as creating special buttons to select groups, channels and people who meet predefined criteria.

This feature allows bot programmers to improve the user experience by using advanced features and help users to easily use various Telegram features.

Of course, it should be noted that not all these robots can be used by ordinary people, and part of this development is defined for programmers and professional users.

10. Security and privacy of Telegram

Telegram has always tried to maximize users’ security and privacy. In the new update, new measures have been taken to improve security and privacy, such as locking chats with a password, implementing two-step verification and managing access to Telegram services.

This update allows users to use Telegram easily and at the same time be sure of their security and privacy.

Telegram, one of the most popular and widely used messengers in the world, continues to strive to improve its users’ experience by providing numerous updates and adding new features. In this article, we have reviewed 10 new features of Telegram that have been brought in recent releases of this messenger. With the addition of these features, Telegram has been able to improve the experience of users and provide them with new facilities.

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