Google Chrome new update؛ Now you can write text with AI

The test feature of the new version of Chrome helps users to write text with artificial intelligence.

With the release of Chrome M122, Google has added a new artificial intelligence test feature to its browser, which is called Help Me Write, and helps users write text. According to Google, this tool uses the Gemini language model to understand the content of the web page you are on, so that it can provide the best suggestions for text generation.

Chrome browser’s text generation artificial intelligence tool can even provide a complete paragraph of the content of the web page you are on to convey your meaning better to the audience. For example, to sell a product, she offered: “I’ve moved to a smaller place and don’t have room for a deep fryer without oil. This machine is in good condition and works great and I am selling it for $50.00. Contact me if you want to buy.

In another example, Chrome’s artificial intelligence tool was used to write a return request for a defective bicycle helmet to inform the seller that the helmet was cracked, which was not covered by the warranty.

You can change the tone and length of the message if the first suggestion of the Chrome AI tool is not suitable for your scenario. After finishing the work, you have to click on the Replace button so that it will change its offer according to your request.

Writing text with artificial intelligence of Google Chrome

According to Google’s press release, to activate Chrome’s experimental AI tool, you need to find the Experimental AI page in the browser menu. In this section, the Help Me Write option can be activated. To use this feature, you just need to select the text that you want to be rewritten and then right-click on it to open the Help Me Write box. Note that this feature is currently only available on the Windows and Mac Chrome versions and only for US users. The tool in question can understand notifications and write suggestions in English.

For the first time in January 2024 , Google provided details about its artificial intelligence tool for writing text. The company also announced that it will add the ability to organize tabs and create custom themes with AI to its popular browser.


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