Telegram Saved Messages

One of the top apps that people use it all over the world in many different countries is Telegram messenger. This great application has many active users. And it provides a great place to do many different things. As instance, you can create groups and channels easily and without any problems. You can share anything that you want with your contacts or your groups and channels. Users can also make video and voice calls. An important feature on Telegram is Setting Reminders or Saved Messages. As a matter of fact, if you save messages they will remain in saved messages. In other words, we can say that you will send those messages to yourself. In this article, we have prepared some useful information about how to save a message on Telegram. So we suggest you be with us and continue reading.

Telegram saved messages

Telegram Saved Messages And How To Save A Message

In fact, saving messages on Telegram app is very simple and you can do it in some easy steps. To save messages on Telegram, follow these steps which we will explain about them one by one. At first, you need to open Telegram application on the device that you use. Then, select the message that you want to save it. Next, you should tap on forward. After that, when the app asks you where to forward that message, you must select Saved Messages. Afterwards, this message will be available in your Saved Messages. And finally, you will be able to view that in you Saved Messages.

Telegram saved messages

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