Share An IGTV On Instagram

Instagram messenger is one of the most popular applications all around the world and it has many great features for those who are using it. Its users can do a lot of different activities on it. As instance, they can chat with whoever they want, share photos and videos as posts or stories, and many other things. Well, an important feature that Instagram has, is that its users can also share long videos as their posts. In this article, we are going to share some useful information about long videos on Instagram which are called IGTVs. And you will learn how to share an IGTV on Instagram.

What Is An IGTV On Instagram?

Actually, the long form of a video is called an IGTV. So you will be able to share a video that has a long length. These videos could be fifteen seconds to sixty minutes long. We need to mention that all users can create their IGTV channels and share their long videos on their pages as their posts. As a matter of fact, Instagram supports both horizontal and vertical on the IGTV that users share.

share an IGTV on Instagram

How To Share An IGTV On Instagram

To share an IGTV on Instagram follow these steps. At first, in the middle of your screen you should click on the video that you want to share from your gallery. Then, select long video. After that, you need to tap on continue. Afterwards, write the description for it which is optional. And finally, your IGTV will be shared.

share an IGTV on Instagram

What Is Difference Between Posts And IGTVs?

Their most significant difference is the length of videos that we want to share. A video that we want to post can not be more than sixty seconds. Fortunately, an IGTV video could be an hour. So if you want to share a complete video which is more than sixty seconds, an IGTV video could be a great choice.

share an IGTV on Instagram

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