Send A Voice Message On WhatsApp

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most usable apps in the world. Well, this app has become really famous and popular among those people who are using it. And we can say that a large number of people in many different countries are using this great app. WhatsApp messenger allows its users to send voice messages, text messages, and make video and voice calls. They can also share photos, videos, documents, and any other media that they want to share. Users can also share their current or live locations. You can install this app on your mobile phones or your desktop computers. In this article, we will explain about how to send a voice message on WhatsApp messenger. So be with us and continue reading. And also get useful information about how to send a voice message on this application.

Send A Voice Message On WhatsApp

How Will I Be Able To Send A Voice Message On WhatsApp Messenger?

As a matter of fact, sending a voice message on WhatsApp is really simple. And you can do it in some easy steps. To send a voice message on WhatsApp messenger follow the following steps that we will mention them one by one. At first, open WhatsApp messenger on the device that you use. Then, find the chat or contact that you want to send the message to. Actually it should be mentioned that, you can send the voice message to the group or an individual chat and there is no difference. After opening the chat, you need to tap and hold the microphone and then start speaking. After that, when your speaking finished, you must remove your finger from microphone. And finally, after doing all these steps, your voice message will automatically send.

Send A Voice Message On WhatsApp

How Can I Send An Audio Message On WhatsApp Messenger Without Holding The Microphone Button?

Well, that is really simple. When the audio recording or the voice message recording is locked can be easily sent, just by tapping the Send Button. It means that there is no need to hold down the microphone button for as long as you are recording your audio or voice message.

What Is The Reason To Send Audio Messages On WhatsApp Messenger?

In fact, WhatsApp voice messaging feature permits you to communicate with your contacts and groups instantly. And we need to notice that you can use this feature to deliver important information.

Send A Voice Message On WhatsApp

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