Send A Photo On Instagram

Instagram is one of the most famous apps all around the world. In real, this great app has become really famous among people. We should mention that many people in many different countries are using this amazing application. Instagram messenger allows its users send voice messages, text messages, and make video and voice calls. They can also share photos, videos, and any other media that they want to share. We need to notice that they can share photos and videos via posts. You can install this app on your mobile phones or your desktop computers very easily. In this article, we will explain about how to send a photo on Instagram messenger. So be with us and continue reading. And get useful information about how to send or share a photo on this app.

Send A Photo On Instagram

How Will I Be Able To Share A Photo On Instagram Messenger?

As a matter of fact, sending a photo on Instagram is really simple. And you are able to do it in some easy steps. To send a photo on Instagram messenger follow the following steps that we will mention them one by one and step by step. At first, you need to open Instagram messenger on the device that you use. Then, find the chat or contact that you want to send the photo to it. Well, we need to note that, you can send the photo to the group or an individual chat and there is no difference. After opening the chat, at the down of your screen, where you write or type the message, you can see some icons. One of them looks like picture icon.

Tap on it. By tapping on it, the gallery of your mobile phone will be opened for you. After that, you will be able to access your photos and also your videos that you have them on your device. Afterwards, select or choose the photo that you want to send it. And finally, after doing all of these steps, tap on Send. You will see that your photo is sent.

Actually, we need to mention that you can not add or write a caption for the photo that you send it on this app.

Send A Photo On Instagram

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We hope that you now you know how to send a photo on Instagram.

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