Pin A Comment On An Instagram Live

There are a large number of messaging apps that people all around the world use them. They use those apps because of the variety of different reasons which they may have. Instagram messenger is one the most downloaded apps in the world. It has many active users who use it all the time. They can do a lot of things on this app. For example, they can send messages, share photos and videos, create Instagram live, and many other things. As a matter of fact, this great app has become really popular among its users because it has many options and features. It usually has new updates with new features. Well, in this article, we have prepared some information about how to pin a comment in an Instagram live that you share on your page. So be with us and continue reading.

pin a comment on an Instagram live

How Can I Pin A Comment In An Instagram Live?

To pin a comment on an Instagram live, follow these steps that we are going to mention them one by one. At first, you need to open Instagram on the device that you use. Then, you should click on your profile picture which is on the top left of the screen. Actually, at first, you must start an Instagram live. After that, you need to find the Live button. And now you are ready to start a live video. By tapping on Live button, it will start. Afterwards, you can tap any comment that you want to pin and you can also add a comment to pin it. And finally, click on Pin Comment option. Now, you will see that the comment is pinned on your Instagram live.

pin a comment on an Instagram live

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