Instagram Restriction

Instagram messenger has got a large number of people’s attention in a lot of different countries. Well, many people are using this great app all around the world. Fortunately, all those who use this fantastic app are really satisfied with using it. Because it has many great options and features for its users. Instagram users can do a lot of different activities on it. As instance, they can create groups, have video and voice calls, chat, hide like and view counts, and so on. And they can like and comment on other users’ posts. An important feature that we want to explain about it is Instagram restriction feature. In this article, we have prepared some useful information about restriction feature on Instagram messenger. So we want you to be with us and continue reading.

Instagram Restriction

What Does Restriction Mean On Instagram?

Actually, restricting a user on Instagram is similar to blocking them. Or we can say that it is more polite. If you block a user, Instagram will hide your entire feed and also your stories from that user. But the restriction feature will simply hide their comments and messages from you while you allow them to see your posts. We need to notice that it is a good way to limit unwanted interactions without removing them completely from seeing your content.

Will User Know If We Restrict Them?

Fortunately, no. The account that you are restricting, will not be aware. But in blocking it is different and the users will know that you have blocked them.

When You Restrict Someone On Instagram, What Will Happen?

When you restrict an account on Instagram, it means that you hide that account’s comments and direct messages from yourself and also other users. And you will not able to receive any notifications when that person sends you a message or when comments on your posts. The accounts that you restrict will not see some of your activities. For example they can not see that you are online and so on.

Instagram restriction is good when you do not want to block, unfollow, or remove an account from your followers list.

Instagram Restriction

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We hope that reading this article has been useful for you. And now you have some information about Instagram restriction and also why and when it is good to restrict an account on Instagram.

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