Instagram Mute Limit

Instagram application has a large number of features. And that is why it has got many users all around the world. In fact, many people in many different countries use this platform all the time. And all those who use it are satisfied with using this incredible app. Because it has many great options for its users. Instagram users can do a lot of different activities on it. As instance, they can create groups, have video and voice calls, chat, hide like and view counts, and so on. And they can like and comment on other users’ posts. An important feature that we want to explain about it is muting. In this article, we are going to share some information about Instagram mute limit. And some other points about muting.

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Instagram Mute Limit

Does Instagram Have A Mute Limit?

Well, if you mute many users in a day, you need to set the number of users that you want to mute per day. So you must put 0 – 0 for no limit. In this case, there will be no limit and you are able to mute a massive number of users that you want.

Instagram Mute Limit

Mute An Instagram User

To mute an Instagram user , you need to open Instagram app. Find the user that you want to mute it. Next, you must head to the user’s profile by selecting the user’s name on your feed. After that, under the user’s profile name tap on the following button that has the arrow pointing downward. Click on Mute. Afterwards, you should choose whether you would like to mute the user’s stories or posts by turning the sliders on or off. When you are done, you need to swipe the menu back down to close it and save your changes.

If you do not want to have Instagram mute limit, you need to set the number of users that you want to mute per day.

Unmute An Instagram User

To unmute an Instagram user, follow the same method that you have done for muting. Just turn the sliders off instead of on to start seeing the user’s posts or stories again.

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Instagram Mute Limit

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