Instagram Close Friends

 Instagram application always provides people new features. And it could be one of the reasons that many people are using it. Everyday new users install this app and use it because of the reasons may they have. You can create personal or business profile. Actually, it depends on you and the way that you want to use it. Well, it has a large number of great features that has made it to become very popular. One of those features which has added to Instagram and is really important for users is close friends. With it you can select just those users who you want them see your story not the others. By using this feature there is no need to hide your story from others and you can select a list of your followers. And then, they will see it. In this article, we explain more about Instagram close friends.

Instagram close friends

How Can I Create Instagram Close Friends List In Instagram Stories?

For creating an Instagram close friends list, at first, you need to go to your profile page. And then, tap the profile icon which is on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Next, you must tap the three lines icon that is in the top right corner of your screen. After that, tap on Close Friends and then, tap on Add which is next to the name of the people who you want to add to your close friends list. And for searching for a friend, you can click on search. After finishing adding people to your list, you need to tap on Done.

Instagram close friends

You can also remove followers from your Instagram close friends list whenever you want. They will get no notifications when you add or remove them.

Instagram close friends

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