How To Story On Instagram

Instagram permits you share all the moments of your day. You can share photos, videos, texts, and anything that you want. Like some other apps, your stories will disappear after twenty four hours. It is like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and etc. You are also allowed to add text, doodles, stickers, and emojis to your photos and videos, that you want to story on Instagram. Stories are very important for its users. In this article we want to tell you how to story on Instagram.

how to story on Instagram

How To Story On Instagram?

When you want to story on Instagram, you should follow some steps that I am going to explain them.

First, you should tap the camera icon which is at the top left hand corner of your Instagram screen. And you can also choose the photo or video that you want to story on Instagram in your gallery. And you can record a video either. Then you need to select it.

Your story is ready to share. And it can be a photo or a video. Here you can use filters, and add text, or emojis, and doodling to your content which you want to story on Instagram. Another important thing which it has, is that you can add location and tag people and there are also many other great features.

how to story on Instagram

Is Story Important To Your Followers?

Story is a way to show your followers the great or awful moment of your day. As Instagram has provided many good features within stories, you had better to share photos and videos on Instagram through stories. And because stories are temporary, followers give more attention to them than posts.

Stories on Instagram disappear after twenty four hours, but you can highlight them, this way they will remain.

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