How To Get Popular On Instagram

Instagram is a great place to share pictures and videos. You can communicate with your family, friends, relatives, and whoever all around the world. But when you want to be more popular, you need to know tips and techniques. And you can get more followers, likes, and post views. In this article we will explain some tips to show you how to get popular on Instagram.

get popular on Instagram

Post Regularly To Get Popular

When you have followers, you should try to keep them. This way you can get many other followers. You should at least post everyday. And also be careful about the days you want to post. For example, Thursdays are the best days to post on Instagram and Sundays are not. You had better post both days. Do not post more than one or two at a time. This helps you to be more popular on Instagram.

Your Account Must Be Public

People want to see pages’ contents., then if they like, they will follow. So you need to have a public account.

You can also link your Instagram profile to other social media which you have.

get popular on Instagram

Have A Good Profile Photo

To get popular, you should have a good profile photo. A high quality selfie photo is suitable. As profile photos on Instagram show up very small, a close-up photo would be great.

To Be More Popular Post At The Right Time Of The Day

The best time to post is when people are active on Instagram. Don’t post when people are at work. Evenings could be a good time to post on Instagram.

Your Posts Should Contain Captions

Posts need to have captions. A caption could be an explanation about your post. You can also add some emojis to get users’ attention.

You can use popular hashtags either. When people search, your posts will come up. So they may like and follow you. And you will be more popular on Instagram.

get popular on Instagram

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