Change Whatsapp Theme

In real, WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded and most usable apps in the world. Now, it has become really famous and popular among its users. A large number of people in many different countries use it for a variety of different reasons which they may have. This amazing app allows its users to send voice messages, text messages, and make video and voice call. They can also share photos, videos, documents, and any other media that they want to share. Users can also make stories or status. One of important feature that we want to explain about it is WhatsApp theme . Actually, people do care about this feature. Well, reading this article will help you get information about changing whatsapp theme. So we suggest be with us and continue reading and get some useful information about how to change whatsapp theme.

change whatsapp theme

How Will I Be Able To Change My Whatsapp Theme?

As a matter of fact, changing theme on WhatsApp messenger is really simple and you are able to do it just in some easy steps. To change whatsapp theme, follow the following steps that we are going to explain about them one by one and step by step. First of all, you need to open whatsapp messenger on the device that you use. The next one is that you should go to Settings. After that, tap on Chat Settings. And then click on Theme. From here you can select the color that you want for your chat background, text, and also contact names.

change whatsapp theme

How Can I Alter Whatsapp Green Color?

If you want to change whatsapp green color or theme, you will need to follow the steps that we will explain the. At first, open whatsapp messenger on your laptop or PC. Then, press Ctrl+F and find 075e54. Well, this is the Hex color code for the Default green color of whatsapp application. And now you are able to change this value with the Hex color code of the choice that you have.

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We hope that reading this article has been very useful for you and also you have got some useful information about how to change whatsapp theme or color on whatsapp messenger.

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