Change Telegram Private Group To Public

As everybody knows, one of the most downloaded apps in the world is Telegram application. This app has many active users who use it all the time. Users use Telegram messenger for a variety of different reasons that they have. For instance, people install it for personal usages and also for their businesses. An important thing for users is creating groups in Telegram. This feature is really great for users. It should be noted that there are two types of groups. Telegram private groups and Telegram public groups. In this article, we have prepared some information about Telegram private and public groups and also how you can change Telegram private group to public.

Change Telegram Private Group To Public

What Are Telegram Private And Public Groups?

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there two types of groups. In Telegram private groups, only the person who has created it or an admin can directly invite people to the group. Actually, Telegram groups have invite links which begin with And only the group’s creator or admins can have access to the group’s Telegram link.

Public groups make it really easy to get a large number of members. And they can have 200,000 members. Actually, you can use Telegram search to find public groups and join them. And its invite link is available to all the members of that group. So any member of the group can share the link to grow the group.

The Difference Between Telegram Private And Public Groups

The difference between Telegram private and public groups is really simple. Private groups are not publicly accessible. So you need to send its invite link. But you can easily find public groups.

How To Change Telegram Private Group To Public

To change Telegram private group to public, you just need to follow these easy steps. At first, open Telegram app on your device. Then, tap on the group name. After that, click on pen icon. Afterwards, tap on group type icon and choose public group. Finally, you will see that your group is public.

Change Telegram Private Group To Public

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