Cancel Friend Request On Facebook

All knows that Facebook messenger is one of the most famous and top messengers. Facebook is an online social media and social networking service that American company Meta Platforms own it. People use it all over the world in many different countries. The good news is that it has got a massive number of active users who use it constantly. Its users can do many activities on it, so it provides a great place to do many different things. For instance, they can make voice and video calls, send and cancel friend request to other users, share photos and videos through post and stories. Follow and unfollow users, like posts and comment on them and so on. In this article, we are going to share some useful information about how to cancel friend request on facebook app.

So we suggest you be with us and continue reading this article. So that, you will get useful information about canceling friend request on facebook messenger.

cancel friend request on facebook

How Can I Cancel Friend Request On Facebook?

As a matter of fact, canceling friend request is very simple. And you can do it just by following some easy steps that we will mention them one by one and step by step. To cancel friend request on facebook messenger follow the following steps. At first, open facebook on the device that you use it. Then, tap on the top right of facebook. Tap your name and next tap on Friends. After that, tap on Sell All, which is next to Friend requests in the top right. Tap on the top right. Afterwards, at the bottom of your screen, click on the View send requests. Find the friend request that you want to cancel it. Finally, tap on Cancel below their name. And now, after doing all the steps that we mentioned them, you will see that the friend request is canceled.

cancel friend request on facebook

Can Users See If I Cancel Friend Request On Facebook?

When you cancel friend request, the person that you sent request before will not be notified.

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