An Instagram Video Call

Instagram has become one of the quickest apps for users and businesses. Actually, it is really easy to use and you can stay in touch with anyone all over the world there easily. You will use it as an album and share Instagram stories with your followers. You can also have Instagram video call and communicate with others easily. Now, you will know about an Instagram video call and its usages.

an Instagram video call

What Is An Instagram Video Call?

Instagram added a new feature in 2018 which is an Instagram video call.  Actually, an Instagram video call is a really easy way to call your friends and whoever you want. You can also see video chat option in Instagram direct. Exactly the same as direct. It means that in direct, where you want to send a message, you are allowed to have a video chat or a video call. It should be noted that, many users like this option, because they do not have to leave Instagram and go to the other apps to have video calls. They will stay in this app and have their video calls there.

an Instagram video call

How To Call On Instagram?

As a matter of fact, it is really easy to make a video chat on Instagram. This great option of Instagram application is very simple to use. First, you need to open Instagram app and tap at the top right of your feed and swipe left. Then, you can select users from the list or click on search for finding the person who you are looking for. Next, click on video camera to call a user or even groups. A person or groups who you are calling, will receive a notification that you are calling. After that, when you want to end the call, you need to tap on the red phone icon on the screen. Finally, you can also rate the call by tapping poor or good.

an Instagram video call

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